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How does Gce Math Online Calculators and Quiz Helps You

Math calculators

Gce Math Calculators help students to accomplish their homework or assignments on time. The calculators provide detailed step by step solutions to the problems entered. Our online calculators are user friendly and can be used by math students of all levels.
Features of Gce Math Calculators

  • User friendly
  • Detailed solutions available
  • Step by Step Solutions

Gce Math Quiz

The Gce Math quiz helps students to revise and reinforce the mathematical concept learnt at schools. Each quiz engine generates hundreds of questions. This helps students with unlimited practice. The student will have to practice until satisfied. For each failed question, detailed solution is provided. This is a valuable feedback to the student.
Features of Gce Math Quiz

  • Detailed Solutions to the failed problems
  • Displays the scores and percentages got
  • Unlimited questions means unlimited practice

Getting Started With Factorization Practice

Increasing factorization skills is very important in your study of mathematics. The factorization skills are applicable on many math topics from elementary to advanced math studies. Gce Math provides you with 2 types of factorization quiz: Factorization of non-quadratic terms and Factorization of Quadratic terms . These 2 quiz engines help you to improve your factorization skills and therefore become more efficient in your math studies. Practice makes perfect. Your success in mathematics depends on how much time you devote on your studies. If you spend more time practicing then you will become more successful in your studies. For a quick homework help on factorization, you can visit our factorization calculators : Simple Factorization Solver for factorizing non quadratic terms and Quadratic Factorization Solver for factorizing quadratic terms. These calculators provide step by step solutions to factorization problems.

Getting Started With Solving Equations

Gce Math provides you with five quiz engines dedicated to give you practice in solving equations. We have the following:

  1. Solving Equations Quiz: This quiz engine helps you to improve your skills in solving equations which does not involve quadratic terms. You will improve in your skills to solve equations which may involve brackets and fractions. For example you may be asked to solve equations like: $2x+3=9, 2(3x+6)+5=10 \quad or \quad \frac{2x-5}{6}=15 $ . For each incorrect response, a detailed solution will be displayed. This will help you as a math student to see where your mistakes are.
  2. Simultaneous Equation Quiz: The Simultaneous equations quiz helps improves your skills in solving 2 linear equations simultaneously. You can use the method of elimination or substitution to solve 2 simultaneous equations. The quiz provides scores and percentages. Solutions to incorrect response are provided. Examples of simultaneous include: \begin{align} 2x+3y&=30\\3x-y&=5\end{align}
  3. Equation of a Straight Line Quiz: The Equation of a straight line quiz improves you skills in using the equation of a straight line formula y = mx + c in finding the equation of a straight line given any 2 points or coordinates. For example you may be asked to find the equation of a straight line joining the points (2,3) and (4,11)
  4. Quadratic Equation Quiz: The quadratic equation quiz gives you unlimited practice in solving quadratic equations using your preferred method. You can use factorization, the quadratic formula or the completing square method to solve a quadratic equation. Detailed solution is displayed if incorrect response is entered. This provides valuable feedback to the student: something very important if the student is trying to master the concept or revising for exams.
  5. Cubic Equation Quiz: The Cubic equation Quiz gives you unlimited practice in solving cubic equations using your preferred method. There are many techniques for solving cubic equations. Some involve using factor theorem followed by ling division and solving of quadratic equations. You may use your preferred techniques. Detailed solution is displayed if incorrect response is entered. This provides valuable feedback to the student who is student is trying to master the concept or revising for exams.
If you need a homework helper for solving the equations, You may have to choose from : Cubic Equation Solver for solving cubic equations, Quadratic Equation Solver for solving any quadratic equation, Simultaneous Equations Solver for solving 2 linear equations, Modulus Equation Solver and System of Linear Equation Solver for solving 3 linear equations.

Getting Started With Coordinate Geometry

We provide tools to help you with coordinate geometry study. We have Gradient of a line Quiz and Midpoint Quiz to help you with your math revision. The gradient of a line quiz tests your skills in using the gradient formula $m=\frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}$ to calculate gradient. The midpoint formula challenges your skills in implementing the midpoint formula $midpoint=(\frac{x_1+x_2}{2},\frac{y_2+y1}{2})$ to find the midpoint given any 2 coordinates. Our quiz gives you unlimited practice. Detailed solution for incorrect response is provided. If you would like the homework helper on coordinate geometry then you should visit the Coordinate Geometry Solver. The Coordinate Geometry Solver is a 4 in calculator which provide detailed solutions for gradient, equation of a straight line, midpoint and distance between 2 points. All you need is to enter any to points and choose what you want to calculate.