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Solve the following pair of simultaneous equations \begin{align*}8x+11y&=113\\3x-2y&=-25\end{align*} [4 Marks]

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Instructions for using the simultaneous quiz

  1. You will need a paper and a pen. Do you working on a piece of paper and find the values of $x \text{ and } y $.
  2. Enter the values of $x \text{ and } y $ on their corresponding text fields.
  3. Click the Check button for assessment. If your solution is correct you will be awarded 4 points. If only one of your solutions is correct, 2 points are gained. No points are gained if both of your solutions are incorrect. If any of your solutions are incorrect, a detailed solution is provided.
  4. Click the Generate button to generate a new question. Repeat the steps 1 , 2 and 3. Revise as much as you can until you feel that you had mastered the concept.

Use of Simultaneous Equation Quiz

The Simultaneous Equations Quiz helps you to perfect you skills in solving simultaneous equations using the method of elimination or substitution. There is no age limit for using this quiz. Everyone who wants an interactive practice of solving simultaneous equations can use it. This simultaneous quiz generator is highly beneficial to secondary school students of any math syllabus which require knowledge of solving simultaneous equations. Thus school students can use this quiz to revise for their tests and exams.

Why should you use the simultaneous Quiz Generator?

  • Unlimited practice questions: The questions are generated randomly. You will have plentiful of revision. You will revise until you are satisfied.
  • Helpful feedback : for each incorrect solution, A detailed solution is provided.
  • The service is free of charge

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