Simultaneous Quadratic Equation Solver

The Simultaneous Quadratic equation Solver provides detailed solution to a quadratic equation and a linear equation. An example of acceptable input is: $x^2+y^2=10, x+2y=5$. Enter 2 equations one linear and the other quadratic separated by a comma and click the Solve button

Use of Simultaneous Quadratic Equation Solver

Simultaneous Quadratic Equation Solver is used to calculate the solutions of 2 equations one linear and the other quadratic. The equations usually have two variables x and y. The following are examples of simultaneous equations that can be solved:
Example 1: \begin{align} x-y-3&=0 \\x^2-3y^2&=13 \end{align} Example 2: \begin{align} 2x-3y-1&=0 \\x^2-2xy-3y^2+3&=0 \end{align} To use the quadratic simultaneous equation solver a system of 2 simultaneous equations, enter the 2 equations separated by a comma as shown below: Using the Quadratic Simultaneous Equations Solver
After entering your simultaneous equations, just click the solve button and a detailed solution will be produced.

Steps to Solving Simultaneous Equations: One Linear and One Quadratic.

The method used by the Quadratic Simultaneous Equation Solver to solve a pair of simultaneous equations (one linear and the other quadratic) is substitution. The following steps are followed:
  • Step 1: Start with the linear equation. Make $x$ or $y$ the subject of the formula.
  • Step2: Substitute this into the quadratic equation and solve.
  • Step 3: Substitute separately the values obtained in step 2 into the linear equation in step 1 to find the corresponding values of the other variable.